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CMI now sells Bio Green's patented lawn formula which is a mix of liquid fertilizer and plant nutrients with soil amendments blended specifically for the nutritional needs of plants. This technology will bring your soil back to its natural state, balancing the pH and nutrients, while promoting a stronger root system and healthier top growth; the essentials for a rich, vibrant and healthy lawn.

The use of the Bio Green formula from year to year will encourage your root system to grow stronger and more dense thus preventing weeds from emerging while making the lawn more drought resistant. A healthy plant, just like a healthy body, has a stronger immune system making it naturally resistant to diseases, insects and other pests.

Once a plant uses up the food it has stored in it’s system, it will draw nutrition from the soil. Since our product will feed and balance the soil, your lawn, landscape and gardens will receive the essential nutrients needed for maximum growth and blooming potential. Contact the CMI service professional and get started on the road to a beautiful and healthy landscape.

Did you know? Bio Green Complete Landscape Nutrition™ is listed as a BioPreferred Designated Fertilizer through the United States Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) BioPreferred™ program.

Bio Green and the Environment

Our soil is an ecosystem. It is home to millions of living organisms whose contribution to the circle of life is as critical as the plants and crops that grow from the soil they create and maintain.

The Earth, when left to its own devices is a factory for topsoil. Through the decomposition of organic material, it is constantly adding soil to its surface. Core samples reveal the history of this development. The sedimentary rock beneath our soil was once the living topsoil ecosystem.

The environment benefits significantly by restoring properly balanced soil biology. Bio Green fertilizers are bio based and composed entirely of food grade ingredients and nutrients. They are non-toxic and safe for use around people, pets and livestock.

The nutrients in Bio Green are immediately available to the soil and plants when applied. The result is quick absorption of the nutrients by the soil and plant tissue and a nearly immediate boost to the natural processes of soil and plant development.

Our users, like most users of bio based fertilizers, report a reduced need for and use of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. Additionally, Bio Green contains no fossil fuel by-products or refinements.

CMI provides Bio Green Products under the Texas distributor "farm and ranch construction".



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